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Black Market Tactical was battle born through adversity.  

In 2017, Doc Founded Black MArket Strength & Conditioning LLC, followed by Black Market Tactical LLC in 2019.   

Doc Grimson's background, training, and experience is a unique as it is varied. 


Doc worked as an 911 EMTB and Paramedic in suburban Phialdepha for approx 10 years and also served as a warrant service officer for Montgomery County, PA.  

Doc served as the Lead Medical SME and combat skills instructor for the USAF Air Advisor Academy at JB MDL in support of the GWOT for approx 6 years.  

Doc is a 30 year martial arts practicioner and life long fitness extremist.  

Black Market Tactical provides hardcore fitness solutions and dynamic tactical courses


Black Market Tactical HQ is located in Exton, PA

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